Like all new things, blogs need resolutions so I can report on how I succeed or fail.  I have already mentioned the desire to write more.  The next one is to get in shape.   There are many reasons to want to lose weight.  People want to stay young forever, they want to look good in that dress, they want to look good for a certain someone, and most of all feel healthy for oneself.   I want all of the above.  Back on new years eve, I was feeling slow as I had hit a bad three-digit weight milestone (a girl shouldn’t tell you her actual weight).  I was also spending long nights at work which is not good for the mind or body.  I started out running – that felt good but no weight loss.  Then in February I started my run-swim-hot tub routine.  Run 3 miles in the park, run for an hour on the treadmill, swim for 20 minutes, then soak in the hot tub.  The hot tub was the best part and I felt great.

But after the first 8 pounds, my weight loss plateaued. This is perfectly normal, muscle weighs more than fat – and with all the cardio exercise I could hold my breath longer, run longer, run faster.  Yet as summer return and we head out for beach volleyball, I am still not quite bikini material.  This is more a problem with unrealistic expectations.  Pictures of supermodels teach young girls that they have to size zero.  It is even worse on the transgender spectrum, as people strive for weights and dress sizes that will never agree with their natural-born body type.  Even RuPaul glorifies the “tic-tac diet”.   I’ve seen too many videos of guys and girls with too many visible ribs.

Today, I attempted hot-room Bikram yoga for the first time in 9 months.  Bikram will make you sweat, twist, and bend in ways you can’t imagine.  I made the mistake of eating fried bacon, hash browns, and spicy food in the morning.  I have an addiction to bread and carbs.  In a hot sauna this is not a recipe for success but I will be back with a more healthy diet of fruit and veggies.  Perhaps I won’t be ever size zero, but maybe I can touch my toes.


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