I have a soft spot for Las Vegas – I’ve been there to work, eat, drink, work, play, dance, talk, shoot, and even get married.  I’ve done almost everything except sleep.  I have never been a morning person so I particularly like cities that wake up as the sun goes down. At home in Los Angeles there are plenty of late night restaurants and movies, but the bars still close at 2am.  In Las Vegas, life starts after dinner, some clubs don’t open till 10pm, and people gamble and drink all night long.  It helps that in the Nevada desert, cool summer nights are often much more comfortable than the scorching days.  At sunset, people break out their fancy clothes.  The darkness helps mask their remaining flaws even as it never get truly black under those bright neon signs.  Supposedly what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas except in the new world of social media that rule is much harder to enforce.


2 thoughts on “Vegas

  1. Creepy!! I think my wife has the same reaction when she sees disembodied breast forms.

    At some point I am going to draw a guest “Tranny & TV” where they go to Vegas. It would be easier than paying for airfare. Then when they make it into a movie, you can come to Hollywood for real.

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