Drag race

Unless you live under a very drab rock, you probably already know that RuPaul just crowned a new drag queen on her fantastic reality show spanning the worlds of fashion, makeup, modeling, comedy, music, and impersonation. Even if you don’t have cable then you can catch it online on logotv.com.  In either case, I won’t give any spoilers.

I am continually amazed by the main stream influence of this show. Just as Eddie Izzard introduced the world to executive transvestites, RuPaul has introduced a new vocabulary of drag performance. This really hit me on a recent return to USC for their 3rd annual amateur drag show.  The show was book-ended by a slide show of RuPaul quotes and special guest Willam (from season 4) being disqualified for not being a student.  In between were some very talented and confident young queens.  Just I was lucky enough to start college as the Internet blossomed, these young girls were growing in a new drag race world.  Honey Mahogany (from season 5) was a USC girl, so maybe we will see more of these queens on TV next year.

Willam Belli

Special guest Willam Belli singing at USC

Willam chows down

Willam chows down on a chick-fil-a midsong

Willam is disqualified again

Willam is disqualified for not being a student.

The winner

The winning student struts her stuff


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