Every Wednesday and Saturday, Hamburger Mary’s in WeHo sponsors a different local charity with a drag bingo night. Tonight they supported Grand Performances, who host a fantastic series of free concerts at the grand plaza in downtown LA. Previous concert series have ranged from East Asian drum lines to a Dirty Dancing dance-a-along (with free salsa lessons).

But back to the bingo. This is not your ordinary bingo. Premature bingos get spanked and winners get pelted with losing tickets as they do their victory lap. This night, I am a winner!!! To top it off it was for a pole dancing round (only vertical lines win) which seems very appropriate. I have to resist the urge to strut. I won a private walking tour of downtown and some kcrw swag. Unfortunately the rest of my friends fell short though one did get spanked for a false bingo. I will be back next Wednesday for an extra dose. The charity: Reading to Kids! Come out and support another great cause.

Hamburger Mary's sign


Eat Drink and Be Mary

Hamburger Mary’s slogan

False Bingo!

Don’t call a false bingo!

Hostess Roxy Wood

Me with hostess Roxy Wood


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