It feels strange enough when you dream in another gender or as another person, it gets even more surreal when you dream you are an actress playing yet a third persona.  Last night, I was auditioning for my first television pilot and having pretty typical stage nerves.  In the dream, this was my big break.

When you have these sort of dreams, the immediate urge is to lie back on a couch and self-analyze.  Yes, my subconscious probably has a big ego.  Yes, I probably have been watching too much Willam on TV.  However, I think the big inspiration here is that I am about to get my first big screen credit both as an actor and special effects crew.  The trailer for “The Congress” just arrived online and the film itself will be premiering at Cannes later this month.  My acting part is very small; hopefully it doesn’t end on the cutting room floor.  My job was to make the lights flash in the scene where Robin Wright is being scanned (go watch the trailer).  I don’t want to give too much away but star Robin is a method actress and this scene gets very intense.

In addition to a great cast including Robin and Harvey Keitel.  The rest of the people behind this are also fascinating.  The director, Ari Folman, is best known for his animated autobiopic “Waltz with Bashir”.  The movie is based on a very psychedelic novel by Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem called “The Futurological Congress”.  Lem is also the author of “Solaris” which some called the eastern block’s answer to Kubrick’s “2001”.   This film is a very very loose adaption, exploring identity in a future world where one’s self and be digitized and bought.

If you didn’t get the hint, go watch the trailer.  Hopefully it scores big at Cannes, gets an American release, and I become a movie star!


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