Aprons for Science

Yesterday, my wife bought me an apron. This was not a manly BBQ accessory but a really cute country apron made from a blue and white quilt. We found it while at the Topanga Fiddle and Banjo Festival – a music and craft fair at the old Paramount western movie ranch. The porches of the fake Wild West were filled with countless musicians plucking, strumming, and, dancing.

In general I am not one for maid outfits. They are impractical and slightly demeaning. But I LOVE to cook. It is a giant science experiment. I throw ingredients in a giant pot, heat, and deliciousness results (most of the time). I add brussel sprouts (lovely bite-sized cabbages) and garlic to everything. My wife doesn’t cook. Her experiments often result in smoke and rice explosions though she can concoct a mean grilled cheese sandwich.

So I consider this frilly apron a fabulous badge of honor for it will be my lab coat for tasty adventure.


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