Pole dancing

I love to dance. At least that is what I claim to be doing when I spastically jerk to the silent music in my head. I have dances for when I am cooking, in the elevator, in the shower, getting out of bed, or just standing around. In an effort to reduce my spasticity, I have tried studying tango and swing. Unfortunately there is a real danger that I will T-A-N-G-O my partner back into a post or spin them the wrong way and forget to catch them. Eventually I will learn to lead as well as follow and communicate with my partner through my hands. Until then it is a lot safer dancing with a pole.

My first pole dancing lesson was two years ago at a private birthday party (I was turning 29 again). I took a group of girlfriends to Allure Pole Dancing. I quickly learnt a few things.

1. It is a real workout, full of plenty of stretching, push ups, pull ups, and bends.
2. Pole dancers get dizzy.
3. Lap dances are fun (both giving and receiving).
4. It is not as easy as it looks.

While I am not as flexible as some of the other dancers, I try to make up for it in upper body strength. Pole dancing adds fluidity to ones moves and pops. This year I organized another group lesson at the annual Diva Las Vegas vacation. We may have looked like dead fish flopping on the ground, but we felt sexy. It was so popular that it will probably become an annual event. Finally, on Saturday I went for my first solo-lesson. I was a little nervous, not being surrounded by close-knit group of girlfriends, but if I am going to get any better I need to go more often. It was great having more personal attention. There was a mini-yoga stretch, then we practiced our sexy push ups (a cross between a mini-cobra and a regular push up) as well as two types of spins (around the world, and firefly). Apparently I need to remember to point my toes, and loosen up. I tend to grasp the pole in a death grip and I still get dizzy. I have now signed up for 10 more classes. I am not sure how I am going to fit them all in, but I will be back and more stories will follow.


One thought on “Pole dancing

  1. its great to hear that pole dancing is becoming more mainstream i am definitely tired of explaining to people that this dance is not what they think it is ! i might sound a little to hard at the beginning but trust me ! once you reach some point , you can hardly stay away from it!

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