Bikram + Bacon = :(

Bikram yoga may be the only thing that is not made better by bacon.  Even the fake vegetarian bacon (facon?) that I had for brunch this morning did not sit well.  Despite this, it was a good yoga day.  I handled the heat well, with fewer dizzy spells and stops for water.  This may be the first time that I actually felt dissapointment when the instructor opened the door to outside to adjust the temperature.  Usually I would be drinking in the cool air; today the cold was a shock to the system.  The happy sounds of flip-flops at the beach tend to invade your yoga focus.  The poses went well (slow and steady) and I actually got my ass on the ground in Supta-Vajrasana (fixed-firm pose) which means my ankles are loosening up.  Now its time to lean back.

When I started this blog, I didn’t expect to be quite so focused on yoga wellness but I am really enjoying it and hopefully it will help all the other things in my life (dancing, designing, and just looking good in a dress).


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