Music to dance to: Caro Emerald

While I can dance to the silence in my head, a real dance needs a real song.   So I am going to start a new series of blog entries highlighting some of my favorite songs, and hopefully one day add some video of me working out the routine. Recently, I have been listening to a lot of electro-swing: a blend of big-band swing and jazz with modern electronica and house beats. While the name is new, the feel is classic.  Perfect for some burlesque.  Unfortunately there are far too few female singers, but luckily we have Caro Emerald from Amsterdam.  Check out her youtube channel for a larger selection of her songs. Of course, if I were to choose one song of hers it would be “Coming back as a Man”.  The opening of strings gives you time to make an entrance while being backed by a good beat for strutting and swinging.   The chorus is almost tailor made for creating a burlesque gender-bending alter-ego.  Just get out your little blue dress, some black leather pumps, and dance.

“Gonna drop the yellow pages
Finally then she had the threads
To dress me up and make me look like someone else instead
It’s time for my rehearsal, the ultimate reversal
You see, I’ve got it planned
I’m coming back as a man.”

Caro Emerald “Coming back as a Man”


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