Music to dance to: Dancing with Myself

Today, I am choosing the self-reflexive Billy Idol classic “Dancing with Myself”.   Are you really dancing by yourself when the pole is your partner?   Before you think I am abandoning swing altogether I am going with the cover from the French band Nouvelle Vague.  Nouvelle Vague take various New Wave and Punk songs from Blondie to the Cure and strip them down to an acoustic bossa nova style (youtube).   This version makes me want to jump, skip, and tap dance round and round.  Their music video even has the girl spinning round a pole.

While the music video is a little bitter sweet, I don’t see any shame in dancing by yourself when you just have the desire to dance anytime anyplace.  This free spirit is perfectly captured in this fan travel montage by Marc Abdallah and Hania Raad.  Maybe I can learn a few steps.


One thought on “Music to dance to: Dancing with Myself

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