Music to dance to: Dame Shirley Bassey

If you saw Shirley Bassey at the Oscars this year, it proved she still is the original Bond girl. I will never match her voice, but I can lip sync and shake my booty. I love all her songs but I highly recommend her 2001 album with remixes from Propellerheads, Groove Armada, and Nightmares on Wax. But I think the best one for a routine is “Where do I begin” remixed by the awayTeam.  The added beats aren’t overwhelming and know when to let Bassey shine and when to break it down.

Where Do I Begin (awayTeam mix)

James Bond provides a rich reference for burlesque girls with 50 years of sensuous title sequences, most of which can be found on Youtube.   The second Bond movie, From Russia With Love, was the first to feature gyrating go-go dancers.  I love how the titles simply undulate across the skin of each voluptuous bond girl.  All you need is skin + a video projector to drape you in light as you spin.  The next film, Goldfinger, just added gold body paint (another great burlesque idea).


My favorite opening remains  “The Spy Who Loved Me”.   It has base-jumping, union jacks parachutes, trampolining go-go dancers, and a girl doing somersaults round the barrel of a gun.   Just decorate a pole to look like a gun and wear a union-jack cocktail dress.

The Spy Who Loved Me

Of course you could just reverse it all and have James Bond strip.  It can’t all be about the ladies.


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