Wearable Foot Sculptures

My name is Val, and I have a shoe addiction.  By a recent count, I own over 50 pairs of shoes: heels, boots, sandals, stilettos, sneakers, and slippers.  Part of this problem stems from having big feet.  It is really hard to find shoes the right size so whenever I finally found a pair that did fit I felt compelled to buy it.  I don’t think I have a foot or toe obsession, but I love legs.  Shoes are like hats for the ends of legs.  While there are some really fun hats and fascinators, they can only be worn at horse races or royal weddings and most people won’t take you serious if you are wearing them (just ask Princess Beatrice).  I think you can get away with more when it come to shoes.  First, shoes serve a real practical purpose to protect the foot. Secondly, shoes are down by the ground and literally not in your face, As long as it supports your weight you can create almost any shape of heel.  you can secure the shoe with buckles, or laces, or ribbon, or zippers.  Shoes can be high or low, open or closed, and almost any color.  Whether they are comfortable is entirely other matter.
You can check out pictures of some of favorite shoes (aka wearable foot sculptures) on my Pinterest page.

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