I have come to accept that in a modest pair of heels, I am at least 6’5, a practical guarantee that I will be the tallest girl in the room.  However, if you are really serious about towering above the crowd then you need a pair of stilts.  Sexy shoes are designed to show off your legs. Stilts just provide more leg.  Stilts are heels on steroids, the great equilizer, making anyone tall.  As kids, we all played with tin-cans held up with string.  Construction workers use more robust stilts to work installing high-ceilings.  More refined stilts allow for more fun acrobatics.  Tall skinny peg stilts allow an experienced dancer to strut and dance as long as you keep moving.    My question is can you still do a sexy strut?

Ivy Winters brought out a pair of peg stilts on Season 5 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Her only downfall was as she so clearly won that episode, we never got to hear any wonderful praise from the judges.

Ivy Winters

Ivy Winters towers above RuPaul

I have also found evidence of some unusual stilt burlesque by the multi-talented March Fourth Marching Band.  Apparently, it helps to have some tall furniture.

Burlesque ladies on stilts

The M4MB also feature a pole dancer being held up by a stilt walker.

Stilt walkers and pole dancers

But could you pole dance while wearing stilts? Science needs to know.


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