Today my pole dancing class was full, but I stayed around for the next dance class in “Vixen-ology” taught by Taisha.  This class focuses on more sensual moves with a lot of hip rolling, popping, and shaking.  As Allure is trying to expand the class, they are giving free lessons this week and next week at their Pico studio.  If you are in LA, I recommend trying it out next Saturday.  Today there were about 18 girls which was a little tight, but when the class really gets going they will enforce a smaller class size.  It is still a great workout, while hopefully it may help add some flair on the floor to go with my pole spins. The class started with some stretching, then a quick sexy strut around the room, before stepping through the main dance routine.  At the end of class, Taisha shot a short video showing what the moves were supposed to look like for the Allure Pole Dancing Youtube channel.

I am starting to see yoga poses everywhere I go – a large part of today’s routine was basically bent-arm plank and downward dog postures with some extra gyrating booty.  The good news is that all these swivels are slowly loosening up my pelvis – making the moves a little more smooth and continuous.  I am also trying to stretch each night but I have over 20 years of stiff posture to undo – still no splits.  I also definitely need some better workout clothes.  There were serious wardrobe malfunctions whenever I was on my back with my feet waving in the air.  The only saving grace was that everyone else was too busy with their feet up in the air to notice.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have a body type that looks good in a low-cut tank top, so I will continue my search for a more flattering halter top that still gives support even upside down.  If I find something, I definitely post some clothing reviews.


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