I didn’t think I was going to pole dance today as I was playing beach volleyball all morning.  But when I got back I noticed that a space at the Pico dance studio had opened up at the last minute.  So I frantically fixed my makeup and ran out the door and right into the traffic jam.

To many people around the world, Hollywood is a fantasy land of glamor and movie starts.  When you live in southern California, you realize it is more a frantic mess of tourists and superhero impersonators.  While Hollywood has cleaned up a lot over the last decade, with some help from new mayor Eric Garcetti, there is still no good way to get there.  The subway requires switching trains several times (yes, LA has a subway) and the closest 101 freeway is always a crawl.  So instead you slowly work you way north one long traffic light at a time.

I got there, late, but was never quite was able to put the travel tension behind me.  Regardless of whether it is yoga or dance, the warmup to critical to relax your body and mind.  Without that, I found myself rushing and stuttering through the spins, holding the pole in a death grip as my hands start to sweat.  I keep forgetting how hard it is to be slow and sensual.  I will keep practicing but next time I am sticking with the closer, and more relaxing, Ladera dance studio.  The good news is that between the volleyball and the dancing, I am exhausted.  It’s a good feeling.  I can finally slow down and take a nap – the most fabulous thing all day.


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