Cyborg Blog

My sister asked me the other day: “Isn’t this a little weird, having us read your journal?”

I am still fairly new to this blog, so friends and family members are only just starting to discover it. And yes, there is personal stuff here. I hope you are smiling, and not offended or scandalized. Now back in high school. I was far too disorganized to keep a journal. At emotional moments (usually involving either family or girls), I would scrawl a rant on some random piece of paper then promptly lose it.

In contrast, information on the internet does not die easily, and in the cloud you have very little control over where/how/and when things are actually stored. If you know where to look you can still find my 90s webpage. WARNING: this was back in the days when you wrote out your HTML by hand and made bad Microsoft Paint art.

I don’t have much shame left. It is better that way. I prefer to have my life recorded than forgotten.  Computers are natural brain extensions. We are all already cyborgs, we just are waiting to have our smart phones surgically implanted. Computers are far better at repetition, memory, and math than our organic equivalents can ever be.  We are also getting better at digitally connecting people, which, as I’ve explained before, helps fight stereotypes and hate.   Perhaps this is just the first step towards total hive mind and world peace.  Still, our brains will always beat computers when it comes to emotions, creativity, and soul.

So welcome to the emotional rants of a dancing cyborg with unusual fashion sense.


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