Review: Von Vonni Transformers

I don’t usually purchase clothes online simply because I am not your standard female shape (surprise!!) so I never know how well it is going to fit.   Even if something is “one size fits all” that usually means one size fits everyone but me.  However, the Von Vonni series of Transformer clothing breaks all these rules.  The Transformer dress is not a robot (though that would be cool) but a simple and elegant idea. What makes the dress transform, is two 98″ scalves (really long!) that start just above the waist.  The trick is that these strips can be tied dozens of different ways.

You can bring them together at the neck you get a halter top, pull them apart to make a v-neck, or wrap around your torso to even make a strapless pattern. They can be twisted to make a narrow rope, or spread out to cover your entire shoulder. Then there is still enough fabric left over that you can do a fancy scarf knot, criss-cross your back, or wrap around your waist. Personally I love halter tops because the inverse-v is particularly flattering for those with wide shoulders. At the same time you can create a plunging v-neck can elongate the neck.  What I love is that there is enough flexibility to accentuate your assets, and hide your hangups.  As a large lady I have plenty of both.

While Von Vonni makes full maxi-dresses and knee-length dresses, I have only tried out their navy blue tops.  I bought mine a few months back but it also on sale right now $20. The fabric is a really comfortable stretchy jersey.  I ended up wearing mine out pole dancing, but you could easily dress it up or down for various occasions.  I am still trying out new combinations.  Von Vonni provides a great youtube video full of ideas.

Ok. I LOVE this dress, but that is enough gushing for today.   Though if you want one, get it while they are still on sale OR go enter their online contest to win 10 FREE DRESSES!!  To quote George Takei … oh myyyyy!!


2 thoughts on “Review: Von Vonni Transformers

  1. Are you plus size? Did you buy the plus size dress or the regular? I’m inbetween a 12 and 14 and don’t know what size I should purchase. I don’t want it to be crazy tight if I go with the regular and I don’t want to be swimming in material if I go with the plus size option. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I am also between 12 and 14. The fabric is fairly stretchy so I am perfectly comfortable in the regular size. This is probably the first time that one-size-fits-all actually fits me. The scarfs are long enough that they would fit anyone.

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