“Girl…you need to move on up”

Having completed 5 “Intro to Pole” classes at Allure, I have finally graduated to Beginner.  Its a big step up.  Intro teaches the basic “Around the World” and “Firefly” spins.  Instead of just linking moves together, today, I found myself attempting my first climbs and inverts.  SUCCESS! I didn’t fall on my head and no wardrobe malfunctions.   Again, pole-dancing is a real workout.  Instead of just looking sexy, I’m doing pole pull-ups and curls.  Upper body strength helps, but in the end you need a strong abs and good grip between your legs.  EmotionCatcher has a great series of stregth exercise which really show off all the muscles that you need.

While I was originally afraid I would be wait listed, I ended doing back-to-back classes(!).  The second half of my double-header was supposed to be my old Intro slot, however the other girls didn’t show up. INSTANT PRIVATE LESSON!  Orlee is a fantastic teacher.  We went through all the spins, both clock-wise and counter-clockwise with a constant stream of fantastic tips and tweaks.  So many new moves today, I don’t think I could list them all.


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