Music to dance to: Willie Nelson

At the Hollywood Bowl

Willie at the Hollywood Bowl

Unfortunately I didn’t never make it back to the TBD: Finale, though I am sure the pillow fight was epic.  Meanwhile, I was stuck at work.  All was not a loss, a friend invited me to go see Willie Nelson at the Hollywood Bowl.  For those of you not in LA, the bowl is a fantastic natural amphitheater set in the hills below the Hollywood sign.  In addition to countless visiting musicians, the bowl is home to the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, who accompanied Willie for the evening.  He worked his way through the entire Stardust album, his well-received tribute to the Ameican songbook from Duke Ellington and Duke Ellington to Irving Berlin.  These standards were well suited for orchestral backing though perhaps they lacked Willie’s rebelious bite.   However, the highlight of the evening was when the orchestra was finally unleashed on “Roll me up and Smoke me when I die”, bringing both power and humor to Willie’s signature opus.  At one point, they all jumped up to sing along.  While Willie may be well known for his activism (there was a certain sweet aroma in his air), he is never going to play my favorite song live:

Willie Nelson “Cowboys are Frequently/Secretly Fond of Each Other”

While recorded by Willie in 2006 (post-Brokeback mountain), the song dates back to 1981 when it was written and recorded by Ned Sublette.  Willie gave it humor, honesty, and turned it into probably the first mainstream country LGBT hit.  While there are plenty of songs about trucks, I believe there is a country song for every occasion.  When you are looking for something to say – there is probably a country song that says it more eloquently.  Or in this case:

You can’t fuck with the lady that’s sleepin’ in each cowboy’s head. – Willie Nelson

Now I just need to find a good pair of cowgirl boots and learn how to line dance!


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