Learning to walk

I thought I knew how to walk.  I knew that I was supposed to sway my hips and place my feet in a straight line.  However a little sass goes a long way so I would always try to tone it down.  Except now I am studying to be on stage – where everything needs to be big. On Sunday, I had my second White Hall lesson with the fantastic Tanisha for a yet-to-be-determined drag performance. I already know the words I want to sing, but I need more than a voice. I need a full face and body performance.  First, there is the side step: “step, drag, step, drag”.  Supposedly dragging one’s toe is sexy.  Then there is the “Beyonce” supermodel walk: “step, swing, kick, step, swing, kick”. I don’t think my hips were designed for this much freedom, it feels more like a chicken strut.  Somehow while the legs and hips are going crazy, the upper body has to stay still.  When I stop walking and pose on the beat, feet together.  I had planned all these elaborate hand gestures, but I am realizing that I will need to simplify things to prevent cognitive overload.

Finally I have to give good face.  With all the singing, walking, and pointing, I keep forgetting to smile.  I have always been self-conscious about my smile, so I end up looking very stoic.  I am not the only one who does this, most supermodels look sad.  Maybe they are hungry, or they are too focused on the smize.  But a true smile is always the the sexiest expression, though Tanisha’s duck lips aren’t bad either.

White Hall

In the dance studio with Tanisha Hall


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