Sometimes sexy hurts

The best pole dancers can do push ups, pull ups, and crunches, and make them look effortless and sexy. I love this challenge, but today I often found myself with one leg hooked round a pole, awkwardly hanging sideways, stuck there until I stumbled out of it. Definitely not so graceful. Supposedly the trick is relax, in order to spin and descend smoothly. Sometimes skin slides, other times it sticks, but it can be hard to control all the states in between. Climbing and spinning around the pole requires gripping not just with your hands, but with your feet, knees, and thighs. I have been told that you develop calluses, which is something I expect on my fingertips when pressing guitar strings, just not on my legs rubbing against the pole. Until then, being sexy sometimes hurts.

Anytime I forget that pole dancing is a workout, it finds a way to remind me.  The good thing is that Orlee does a great stretching warmup, and makes sure to tailor to the student skills. As the girls next to me do their vertical splits like superman, I will keep climbing and slowly loosen up.



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