On stage at the Hollywood Bowl

Every year the Hollywood hills are alive with the Hollywood Bowl’s “Sound of Music Sing-a-long”.  For maximum audience participation, the film is no only subtitled, but there is a Pre-show Costume contest and parade.   There are usually some creative costumes such as brown paper packages tied up with strings and other favorite things.  Back in 2007, I dressed as a Y.A.N. (Yet Another Nun).  While I lacked originality, I was really excited to march across that massive stage.  After all, you don’t get many opportunities to look 10,000 people in the eye.

The Sound of Music Sing-a-long at the Hollywood Bowl

This last weekend, a lucky and talented audience member got to not only stare but sing.  Kristin Chenoweth (Glenda from Wicked) was performing at the bowl and invited music teacher Sarah Horn up to sing a duet on “For Good” backed by the Hollywood Philharmonic.  She rocked it.  You can read about it in her own words or watch the now viral video.

Kristin Chenoweth and Sarah Horn sing “For Good”

After the sun goes down, you probably can’t see all 10,000 people behind the bright lights, but that stage does feel really big and the energy must of been amazing.  If you ever make it to the bowl, make sure to walk round back afterwards and peek through the back door.  Or if you are more ambitious find a costume and sing-a-long.


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