How to fly

I think this pose deserves its own post.  I have previously noted the surprising overlap between yoga and pole dancing.  Each class warms up with a mini yoga stretching session, but there are also several yoga-inspired poses half-way up the pole from Tree pose to the Yogini.  Most of these are far too advanced for me, but I did start working on the Buddha pose.

Buddha Pose

I usually have enough trouble sitting in the Lotus position on the ground, yet alone a foot in the air.  Orlee taught us was a little easier variant. Instead of going fully cross-legged, the sole of one foot rests directly on the pole giving you a better grip.  I still have to get used to holding on to the pole with the legs and thighs, not just with the hands and feet.   My attempt was eventually successful though off-balance and brief.  One new girl nailed it on her first try.  Done correctly it looks effortless – almost like levitation.

It reminds me of that other form of cross-legged levitation – yogic flying.   Devout followers of the Maharishi believe that through transcendental meditation, the body will eventually overcome the forces of gravity and rise into the air – though perhaps it should more accurately be called the yogic butt bounce.  Furthermore, if enough bouncing yogis are assembled together, the collective positive energy is supposed to achieve world peace.   I can’t really disagree with them; I just dare you to try watching without breaking a smile.

“Yogic flying” with National Geographic


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