The “Fundies”: Day 2

I just completed Day 2 of the Fundamentals Course at CrossFit LAX.  This one was hard, mostly because we were skipping volleyball on the beach and it was a LOVELY day.   My second lesson is that adding “y”, “ee”, or “ies” to the end of a word does not always make it more fun.  For example: “Fundamentals” becomes “Fundies” or the new exercise of the day, “Burpies”, become another form of hell.  A burpee is a jump from a forward fold to lying flat on your belly, then a jump back to standing straight up.   The burp is a final excrutiating celebratory jump up at the end.  Some people consider the burpee to be the ultimate full-body exercise as it requires no equipment and will tire you really quickly. In Army basic training they call them the “up and downs”, though they tend to have to do them while lying in a muddy puddle.   Burpees are what they make you do if you are late to class.  Coming into the day I had been mostly afraid of having to do another pushup.  We did 10 pushups.  However if a “burpee” isn’t bad enough, then people often combine the two to perform an appropriately named “shitee“.

The Burpee

How to Burpee

The main WOD was: 6 Dead lifts, 9 Box Jumps, 6 Burpees (repeat for 10 minutes).  I got through it 6 and a 1/2 times.  Waking up this morning, my triceps were in some serious pain.   While this is a solid workout, I don’t understand why CrossFit doesn’t have more emphasis on pre and post stretching.  A little stretch goes a long way in reducing the suffering.   As much as I want to lose weight and build muscle, I don’t want to lose all my flexibility at the same time.

Triceps stretch

Triceps stretch


2 thoughts on “The “Fundies”: Day 2

  1. Thanks for the link up! Burpees suck now matter how long you’ve been doing them, they just never get better…NOPE.

    I’m sorry to hear that your box doesn’t emphasize stretching. We always do about 5-8 minutes of mobility exercises prior to any workout along was a warmup and then always stretch post workout as well. It definitely helps recover faster and to help keep your mobility. Even if they don’t encourage it, get there early and jump on a foam roller, do some lunch complex, inch worms, etc…

    Hope you’re enjoying you Fundies 🙂

    • We usually do some silly walks to warm up, including the inch worm and lunge walks. It is more the warm down that I miss. Foam rollers just don’t feel like enough. I like the idea of a “lunch complex”, perhaps we have a food fight to warmup?

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