The New Secret Studio

I mentioned before how there a new studio in my neighborhood.  I got to try it out on Sunday taking two classes: Level 1 and Level 1 / 2 (roughly equivalent to Allure‘s Intro and Beginner classes).  First of all the studio does feel like a secret.  The small entrance is only in the back and the studio is new so the Hawthorne classes are rarely full.  This is fantastic for getting personal attention.  My instructor for both classes was Candance.  What amazed me is that she has been pole dancing for less than two years and can already do things like this and this with fellow instructor Sasja Lee

It probably helped than she was already a classically trained jazz dancer which gave her a significant leg up (literally).  That also helps explain the other main difference between the studios. At Secret, there was a greater emphasis on performing the pole movements to the musical beats as part of a fluid choreography.  This does make it a little harder when you are starting out, when it hard to control the speed of your spin and drop, but it is good to have that idea in my head as you improve.  The basic spins were similar to Allure with a few new twists. In Level 1 we focused on the Around the World but added a Pirouette to the end.   Instead of the Firefly we practiced the Reverse Showgirl (which I think is a little harder), then added a Viva Slide to link them together.   In Level 1/2 we added the Corkscrew, Crucifix Climb, Forward Leg Hook, and a lot of booty shaking.  Here is one of my classmates linking these moves together:

Beginner freestyle by our student!

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In all I really enjoyed the Secret Studio.  I think Secret may be a bit more challenging for an absolute novice, but good instructors always adapt the class to different students each week anyway.  It was refreshing to see a new approach to the same material and hopefully soon I can start posting video of me.


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