The “Fundies”: Day of Rest

And on Day 4, she rests (almost).

The only weight lifting I did today was carrying groceries.  In addition to the regular meats, vegetables, fruit and cat food, I was loaded down with tons of protein.   This was the result of a long trip down the supplement aisle.  I was first drawn to the giant vats of protein powder.  I’ve seen them before but always found them rather intimidating.  This time, I stop to read the description:

For additional weight gain, combine with ice cream, fruit, meat, and other high caloric foods.

As much as I like the idea of ice cream as part of my new healthy diet, I put the power back down.  The other side of me is drawn to the adjacent box of Kim Kardashian QuickTrim Weight Loss Pills – now on Clearance!  It promises that I can lose a dress size in 48 hours.   As much I would love that, I am not quite ready for the inevitable jitters and diarrhea that would come with it.   What we need here is some science!  Unfortunately the energy bars don’t provide that either with countless varieties of chocolate bars each loaded with protein but looking more like a Snickers on steroids.   While I already have some favorite energy bars, I feel like it is time for a more scientific taste test.  So we grabbed 27 protein bars from 10 different brands.  I will be reviewing all the chocolate (of course), while my wife works through the peanut flavors.

Protein bars

Time for some science!!

There was still some exercise today.  The beach was too windy, so after work I ran 1.5 miles round the park (in just under 13 minutes), then finally came home for a slow swim.  Late night swims are simply divine!  The pool is empty of loud obnoxious kids, the water is still warm and glows with submerged lights.  It also really helps loosen up all the aches and pains with lower impact.  Then on to the giant hot tub where I feel like I could do any stretch in the world (except of course the splits).

Hot tub

On Day 4, she rests

Hopefully I am loose enough for some pole dancing this weekend.   That will determine if I return to regular scheduled CrossFit programming on Monday.


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