My first audience

There is only a little over a week left till my audition!!  This week I had back-to-back lessons with my wife at the Whitehall Academy (she writes her own songs).   While I have choreographed most of my routine, I am still refining a few moves to make it even bigger and better.  In particular, I try to move amongst the audience.   It is literally another dimension of complexity as I had been moving in a single straight line across the stage.  Tanisha helped me practice my Vanna White turn.   I keep finding my hand wanting to twirl one way while my body spins the other way.   As my song is basically about female empowerment with a retro feel, my wife suggested striking a Rosie the Riveter pose.   Yet, I found it hard to flex my muscles while staying feminine.  Ironic?

We Can Do It! by J. Howard Miller

I am also slowly breaking free from the crutch of the mirror.  The first step was being performing for a video camera.  Today, Tanisha brought her band of kids to the classroom.  After a long day of lessons, they were fairly tired.  First they were sneaking and peeking around doors, before we finally had to invite them in to watch.   My first audience!!  Until this point I have only performed for Tanisha and my wife.   I tried to go full out, looking them in the eyes, pointing and waving.  I felt comfortable, though my wife thought I subconsciously toned down the sexiness .  They still loved it, giving me a round of applause.  If I can perform for four restless kids, then I can handle anyone.

Song of the Day

The original “Rosie the Riveter” by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb


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