Return to the Secret Studio

It’s Sunday, time for pole dancing with Candice at the new Secret Studio and voice instruction with Tanisha at White Hall.   This becoming an almost weekly habit.  I am finally almost completely recovered from last week’s exersions.   The basis for Candice’s Intro class is always three new moves – with a custom choreography linking them together.  This weeks moves were the “chopstick twirl”, “fan kick”, and “side martini”.   The “chopstick twirl” was invented by Candice – it starts like an Around the World spin where you grab the pole between your straight legs, then bending the knees into a tighter horizontal curl.   As you tuck your head and speed up, you can end up very dizzy.  The “fan kick” twirls the feet in front of the pole.  I like that if you pull up with your abs, it makes you look more flexible than you really are.   The “side martini” is a pole sit where you hook one leg round the pole , stick the other out straight and hold them together with one arm.  I still find myself relying to much on my upper arm strength.  I am afraid to just let my legs hold despite the pain.

Finally, Candice adds “just a little choreography”.   A little??   The moves come fast, as she adds floor work where we stick our legs in the air, shake our booty, do sexy pushups, spin to stand, and slide down the pole.   The song is Lady Marmalade from Molin Rouge (aka Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir?”).  This is not a slow song.

“Lady Marmalade” by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mýa, Pink and Missy Elliott

Everyone tries to keep one eye on Candice to remember what to do (sometime hard when you are mid-spin).  However after about 3 or 4 run-throughs, nearly the whole class gets it!  Again, this is not an absolute intro class, but it is exactly what I am looking for right now – linking new move variants, adding floor work, and getting a great work out.

Candice is also an amazing dancer.  She just appeared in Rihanna’s latest music video “Pour It Up” along with Nicole Williams (owner of Allure Dance Studio).  The video has been described as “the Little Mermaid on Acid” by the Daily Beast.  Candice described it as three stripper poles surrounded by three inches of water, probably not the ideal environment when you are trying to grip a wet pole. But it looks great, and they still pull of some fantastic aerial moves – and of course they show Miley how to really shake one’s booty.

Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” music video

There is also a cool behind-the-scenes which shows some of the moves that didn’t make the final cut.

Making of “Pour It Up”

Finally the best video of all is Nicole’s audition tape. I still don’t know how she manages to sit on the ceiling.

Nicole’s “Pour It Up” audition tape


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