Audition Day

Hopefully today the practice pays off – it is audition day for the 4th Annual USC Drag Show!! My audition piece will be Caro Emerald’s “Coming back as a Man”.  Everything is ready.  I know the words, I can sing the notes, and I’ve choreographed the steps – but I am still nervous.  While the audition is informal and full costume and makeup is not required, I can’t imaging going into this without it. The clothes give me confidence and complete the character.  That and I love this song.  While it not one of Caro’s top hits, it makes the perfect drag song,  The lyrics are clear and funny, the style is classic mixed with catchy rhythm. The best part is that the song still doesn’t gets old. Even my wife is now singing it in the bathroom!

The cool part is that, just tonight, I discovered Caro Emerald’s new acoustic EP.  The records features songs from “The Shocking Miss Emerald” including “Coming back as a Man”.  After practicing the same song for a month, it is refreshing to hear a more sparse take with just a guitar and standup bass.  I will probably be sticking with the original for the performance – the acoustic version would leave me feeling exposed in such a large venue.  But Caro nails it with her lovely voice.  Best of all it’s FREE to download on her website.  So go check it out.  While the acoustic “Coming Back” isn’t on Youtube, you can still watch other songs from the same session

Caro Emerald’s acoustic sessions


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