Music to dance to: Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

So what makes burlesque great, after all, can’t anyone can take their clothes off?   Well the secret is that burlesque isn’t just about nudity, it is about the tease.   Which means you need cool costumes, clever comedy, and music to disrobe to.   Put all these things together and you have Super Happy Funtime Burlesque:

What is Super Happy Funtime Burlesque?

This is clearly more original than just regular burlesque., in fact they are a “12 member touring monstrosity”.  One of the newest members of SHFB, is Rosalarian aka Florence of A-Labia.  By day she is the talented comic book artist, by night she is a talented burlesque dancer and mermaid.

The Mermaid Song

If you haven’t read “The Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space” stop reading my blog and go to her website now!   If you at work, then just be careful about the mermaid sex (or perhaps it too late for that).  She also drew the banner portrait of me at the top of this page.

If you live in MO, TN, AR, TX, NM, WY, CO,  AZ, IL, MI, IA, WI, or MI go see them when they come to you your town later this month.  Unfortunately SHFB haven’t been to California in over three years.  Come on back, we miss you!

A Super Happy Funtime Selfie

A Super Happy Funtime Selfie


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