Allergic to Fabulousness?

So the day after the audition, I woke up only to find my right eye almost swollen shut.   The eye itself was fine and I could still see (or squint), but my eyelid and eyebrow were red and sore.     Somehow, the swelling accentuates every wrinkle and crease on my face.   What had I done?  I am usually fairly good about washing my brushes, you can buy special brush cleaner but I usually just use regular shampoo.  Perhaps the bigger issue is that I don’t usually take expiration dates seriously.   Old makeup can be a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties.

The only problem is I don’t know who is the culpit.  I combine so many different products and lotions, I don’t know what to blame.  I definitely will be switching out my mascara, eye liners, concealers, and foundations (yay, more shopping!).   Or perhaps it is not bacteria, maybe it is one of many countless ingredients.  Almost all makeup is a soup of lead and preservatives, which is absorbed by the skin or even swallowed.   I prescribed myself a mix of benadryl and hydrocortisone which seems to help.  I was really close to trying out hemorrhoid cream but couldn’t bring myself to mixup genital creams and my face (some formulations of Preparation H contain LYCD which promotes healing).   Either way it worked, the swelling wen down and now the skin just feels dry.

But what do I do if I am allergic to makeup?  That would be like a canvas that is allergic to paint.  As soon a you create a masterpiece, then the fabric starts to tear and crumple.  NOOO!! ok my face is never a master work.  I will recover and be more careful next time.  Just remember to wash your brushes, throw away your expired makeup, and moisturize.


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