I survived

I survived the auditions, though I won’t sing “I will survive” right now, that’s too cliche.  Perhaps I am being overly melodramatic as I think everyone passed.  Yet whenever I go to drag events, I often feel a little like I stand out from the crowd.  Not because I’m wearing a dress, but because I’m the straight one.  I a not just talking about sexuality but more my personality. I lack over-the-top outgoing flamboyance.  But I’m working on it.

The other aspect is that I am a PhD student who spends very little time actually on the USC campus.  Most of the other performers are undergrads who already know each other from dorms and from previous years.  However, this is a great group putting the show together.  I am curious to see how they weave all the different forms of drag together.  There are in your face drag kings, avant-garde electronic compositions with plenty of pedals and reverb, heart-felt ballads, and a montage of drag balls.  I won’t give anymore away.

I think my song went ok.  It turned out that I auditioned last.  I actually was the only one in a  full makeup and dress as everyone else was coming straight from class or work.  I stumbled once or twice as I went in cold, but I think I was saved by the song.  It is just refreshing to follow an original fantastic artist that most people in the states aren’t familiar with.  When I sing “I’m coming back as man” everyone just lights up.  By the time I was done people were humming along and asking about the artist.  While others may rehearse their Miley, I’m sticking with Emerald.  I will get the official word later this week whether I’m in and how this all will come together.


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