Spinning, Climbing, and Laying back

After a week off, it was back to the Secret Dance studio for a pole dancing double header with Candice. Next week, Orlee will be returning to the Allure Dance Studio after finishing her bar training (not the law, but the exercise). It will be great to have her back. In the meantime I am really enjoying the Sunday classes at the nearby Secret Studio, Eventually I will find a balance between the two studios; Allure and Secret.  Today, Candice recommended keeping a pole journal of all the move we learn, which really is what this is.

In the intro (Level 1) class, the class was completely full with 10 students on 10 poles. It was also nearly all new students. I am glad that the new Hawthorne studio is doing well and picking up students (as long as there are still openings for me). It was a slightly simpler routine. Candice would hop on a pole briefly to show the move, and then we would all do our best to copy her grace. We covered the “Fireman“, “Backwards Showgirl“, “Around the World”, and “Martini Spin”. I have done most of these spins before, so today I was really working on form, making sure to point the toes, and trying to hold on with only one hand (the other one you can then use to tease the audience). The Martini spin is similar to the Fireman but with the legs straight.



Backwards Showgirl

Backwards Showgirl

When taking easier classes, I always find myself doing more spins and taking less breaks. By the time the second class rolled around, I was working up a serious sweat. In the Level 1/Level 2 class we did a more advanced “Body Spiral” spin. This was fun and done right it looks really elegant. You grab the pole with your inner arm, step with your inner leg, then kick the outer leg out while your body swings out and back across the front of pole. You end up backwards on the far side side of the pole. Just when you feel your twisted arm can’t take any more torque, you push off with your other arm and spin, unraveling back into a more conventional one-armed forward facing floater. If you are really good you can grab the pole between your legs before you hit the ground and go straight into a climb.

If I wasn’t tired before, the climbs really did me in. Next up was the the “Scissor climb“. In this variant your legs are seated straight out from the pole, so your arms do nearly all the work. The Pole Dance Dictionary classifies it as Advanced! I also tried the “Flying Ballerina” pose, where you wrap your torso around the pole gripping with your leg and shoulder. My back and shoulder is not that flexible, so we settled for a simpler “Skater” pose, where you still hold the pole with your hand and leg and bend the other leg back. This is similar to the picture below but without the full toe grab. Finally as we were (almost) up the pole, the goal was to “Lay back” either with your ankles crossed or your leg crossed forming a figure 4. It you go all the way back, the curve of the back forms a reverse “Crescent”. All this pole gripping really hurts the thighs, and my skin is still really sensitive down there. As I lean further back I find it hurts less, but by this point my arms and abs were too tired. In all, I think I managed about half the moves. Not too bad.

Scissor Climb

Scissor climb

Flying Ballerina

Flying Ballerina

Extended Skater

Extended Skater

Cross Ankle Release Abs

Lay back (Cross Ankle)

Lean back

Lean-back (Figure 4)


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