Two weeks to go!

It’s official, the USC drag show is less than two weeks away – Friday, November 8th at the USC Student Union!! Seating is at 7pm, the show starts at 8pm. There is a really great line up of performers singing, dancing, lip-syncing, twerking, vogueing, and strutting to all sorts of music (both originals and covers). Now it is time to get the word out! This week we will also be having a pre-Halloween makeup workshop teaching people all about drag including history, tips, demos, etc.  That is at 6:30pm Tuesday, October 29th in VKC 101.

I’m still working on my routines for the show – with lessons yesterday with both Candace and Tanisha. While I know all the words, the hard part now is making all the steps and transitions smooth.   For Mighty Mike’s “Just a limit”, I am basically doing a chair tease.  Yet I still find myself starting to tire as I am both dancing and belting out the words.  It is hard to give good face when you don’t remember to breathe.  I also had to find a folding chair.  It may not look like much but I can now practice at home: jumping, climbing and bending all over it. Now if only I get a pole in my living room as well.

Folding chair

Chair for dancing on.

After my private lesson with Candice, I stayed for her Level 1 pole dancing class.  It was a small class with plenty of personal attention.  One of my friends, Jay, came out for her first spin which was fantastic.  Today’s moves included the “Carousel” spin, “Basic embrace“.  The carousel spin is like a Floater where you are hanging facing the pole with your legs hanging away.  In this variation you then brought your legs into a “Firefly” position with your legs near the pole.   My legs would keep getting ahead of me, pulling me into more of a side floater, but with a bit more practice I think I could get it.  The “Basic embrace” was more a exercise in strength and pain – that forms the basis of more advance moves.  We would grip the pole between our knees then hug the pole with our arms.  In the advance variation you then let for with your knees and hang on.  In my case, the skin on the knees hurt enough so I could only hold on for a few seconds.


Carousel / Floater

Basic Embrace

Basic embrace

I don’t remember the name of the last spin we practiced (and its not in the dictionary). Perhaps it might be another Candice invention. In this move, you hook one leg won the pole with one hand above and one hand below you. Then “simply” let go falling and spinning backwards. The trick is to keep your legs straight so they don’t catch on the pole. When Candice does it, her upper leg slides down her arm till she is almost in a complete fold, head to foot, on the ground. When I try, I get stuck hanging sideways with back thighs rubbing against the pole about 6 inches above the ground. There is no graceful way to get out of that position. Either I am not flexible enough or I don’t have high enough pain tolerance. I need to stretch more.


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