Drag to the Future: Final Preparations

Invitation to the 4th Annual USC Drag Show

The show is this Friday!! If you read this blog, you are invited to the USC campus for Drag to the Future: USC’s 4th Annual Drag Show.  Doors will open at 7:15, and the show will begin at 8pm.  It will be a fabulous affair.  There will be live singing and performances, classic lip sync, twerking, voguing, and dancing with drag queens and kings.  And I’m in it.

I will be performing two songs by Caro Emerald and Mighty Mike/No Doubt.   I met with Tanisha on Sunday for an epic practice.    She recently broke her foot, but still she found a way to hop and limp up to the dance studio to we could run through in front of the full-size mirror.   The “I’m a girl” mash-up choreography is really energetic (and great exercise).     My biggest fear though is that I will have wardrobe malfunction mid-song.  I found myself changing the choreography again, less than one week before the show!  As originally planned, it was more about the dance moves without much thought for the singing.  When doing a chair tease, you end up climbing all over that chair; sitting forward, backwards, sideways, leaning off it, climbing over it, jumping in the air.   At one point Tanisha thought I was literally going to jump up off the chair and hit the roof (I am already six feat tall so I have to be careful when their is a spinning fan above my head).  What this means is that I am going to have to spin the chair around the stage, so they can always see my best sing my best side.

I am gong to try and keep updating throughout the week as I get ready.  It’s been so busy here getting ready that I haven’t even had time to write about it all.

If you don’t know your way around campus, the main ballroom is downstairs in the Student Union near Tommy Trojan.  If you do not have a USC ID, then you can RSVP via this link.  More details on the show can also be found on the Facebook event page:



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