How to get undressed

Just because the show is over doesn’t mean the studying stops.  On Tuesday evening, I tried out a new class at the Secret Pole Dance Studio.  The class was called “Naughty Girl: Sensual Swag with Striptease”.    The instruction were to bring to 2-3 pieces of the same item such as bras, sexy booty shorts, shirts etc – also knee pads!   Perhaps this is the point where I should tell Mom to stop reading 🙂  (don’t worry there is NO nudity and it was all good, mostly innocent, fun).  I am a little apprehensive going into a new class with a new instructor and class-mates especially one which is so revealing.

I had no plans to take my bra off in front of a bunch of strangers (and I was hoping they weren’t either), so I just pack an extra skirt and an cute lacy shirt.  I am coming from work so I have only about an hour to get ready.  However I am getting pretty fast as long as I am decisive and don’t stop to over analyze every color or every shade.   I actually arrive about 10 minutes early while the previous pole dancing class is still wrapping up (new record?).  The instructor, April, dims the lights and we form a circle.  As with most classes the first 30 minutes is some yoga-style stretching – though in this case the focus was on maintaining smooth fluid motions with some extra hair tussling.   When we get to the strip-tease I realize the trick is layering.  April is probably wearing at least 7 pairs of panties and perhaps 5 bras.   Today’s goal: slowly take off your underwear without looking like a clumsy fool.  This is actually a problem that real people face on a regular basis not just strippers.  It is hard to look sexy while getting undressed and usually the harder you try the worse it looks.  To make it harder we are to do a backwards shoulder roll while slipping down our skirt/pants/underwear.   So perhaps, the roll disguises the awkwardness of the striptease by hiding it in an even larger awkward motion.

Actually, a back roll can be pretty sexy.  It is a move I first worked on with Orlee at the Allure Dance Studio.   Here is a quick tutorial:

How to do a backward shoulder roll

Personally, I find it a lot easier to roll over my right shoulder, though I don’t land so gracefully.   In fact, I now have bruises from the bra straps imprinted in my shoulder.  Yet suppose you do a successful sexy shoulder roll – but you are still somehow wearing your underwear, what do you do?  You shake, roll, twirl, and strut till they come off.   The most important piece of advice is not to struggle.  If your panties are stuck around your ankles or hanging on your heels just walk it off.  Having your legs handcuffed by a pair panties is sexy.  You learn something every day.

p.s. At the end of class, we got to simply freestyle on the poles for a few minutes.   I have been so busy preparing for the show over the last two weeks, it was refreshing to run through all the different spins without any choreography or structure.   I was throwing in fireflies, floaters, backwards showgirls, even a climb and an inverted slide.  Even the striptease will help me develop floor work between spins.  I left exhausted but really excited about how far I have come.


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