Time to Write

The problem with life is that there is a limited time to do everything in the world, and by the time it is coming to a close you start forgetting the things you have already done. The best you can hope for is that you start forgetting the less important things first.

When you have time, you can write down your memories. Pieces of paper or electronic disks are great at remembering. Perhaps this is what makes Twitter worthwhile. Of course, you have time to write 140 characters – little thoughts, ideas, and moods. For larger items you have blogs. And for larger items you have books.

The trick is break goals down into manageable tasks, and write it down as you go. I am terrible at this. I prefer epic goals, leading to a long trail of unfinished dreams. I have lots of ideas, but they mostly come to me whenever I am either in the bed or in the bath. In the 6 months I have had this blog, I already have several dozen unfinished drafts. I know they are good, whenever I finish them. I originally thought I would be able to work through my backlog of past adventures, except I am too busy living new ones.

My wife is working on her first real novel. I would probably go for a short story first, but she also aims big. She is about 100 pages in. It is easy to get stuck rewriting and reworking, when you need to keep moving, get to the end first. One of the little goals, that can make up a novel, is a book reading. She had her first on Saturday in a small little bookstore off Beverly Blvd in Hollywood. I am really proud of her. This is like her drag show, a step into a larger adventure. Many of the other budding novelists were writing memoirs explaining their troubled childhoods or family tales. Again trying to store and share their memories.

My wife’s story is a futuristic adventure where the protagonist has to choose between following her father and become a rebel fighter or follow her mother and change the world with music. Making it more complicated, she is not sure she was meant to be a girl. My wife has already mapped out the culture, religion, history of this world in her head. The good news, is she is a better writer than me and a little more organized. I think she will finish it and it will be epic.


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