New clothes, new spins, new bruises

It was time to get back on the pole – so I scheduled another back-to-back class with Candice at the Secret Pole Dance studio.  They are still having really good discounts as they try to grow the Hawthorne location so I scheduled a total of three classes for this week!  With all this working out, I had to head back to the store to pick up more workout clothes – lots of camisoles and shorts.   Here is my workout outfit for the day.

Yeah, another selfie

Workout clothes

Once I get to the studio, I usually switch to shorts or a mini-skirt so I have more skin to work with.  They have a little changing room in the back.  I am still trying to work on being able to hold on to the pole for climbs and sits.  Any built up sweat or moisturizer makes it almost impossible.  You need as much exposed thigh as possible (and perhaps a little rubbing alcohol) to reduce slippage.

After our usual warmup, the first pose we worked on was a shoulder stand.  I am used to doing a more conventional yoga shoulder stand where you support your lower back with both hands.  However in this version, you come into it from the side.  Rest one arm on the ground while the other hand is planted vertically.  The trick is to then swing your legs up sideways over your head.  I found a lot easier if I let my legs bend forward otherwise I would always lose my balance and roll down my back and out of the stand .  Done correctly you end up balancing on one shoulder something like this.  Later, I tried to demonstrate the stand to my regular yoga instructor and she wasn’t familiar with it but it is a fun one to try.

Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand (side)

Next, we then moved on to a more traditional spins.  In the first spin we hooked one leg round the pole, then kicked the other leg straight and up.   Candice described it as a “Candy cane” spin but to me it looks more like a “Rockstar“.  I just couldn’t get my straight leg up quite that high, but good enough.   Next up is the “Around the world, pirouette, and slide” which I have described before.  It a elongated step around the pole which looks like a spin but you never quite leave the ground.  The last part is a slide down the pole.   Candice usually leans back on the pole with her shoulder letting both legs walk out straight.  I find it easier to bend one leg to smoothly control the speed of my slide by bending my leg (the “Viva slide“).  Finally we continue to work on our pretty pole sits. I still can’t quite handle all the pain between the legs this generates, but perhaps I am getting used to it.

Rock star


Viva slide

Viva Slide

Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

In the second half of the back-to-back, we started with a new sitting position. The closest move in the dictionary is the “Rainbow” – so I will call this the “Almost Rainbow”. Instead of gripping between your thighs, one leg hooks round the pole and crosses over the other leg.  The other leg hooks onto the pole round the ankle. As you sit back, the lower leg slides down the pole. This is the bit that hurts unless you are wearing high boots. It seems like all sexy sits have to hurt somehow, but I will always take pain on my ankle over that in the groin.  In the more advanced full rainbow, the lower leg leaves the pole allowing you to lean further back.  The next spin was my favorite part of the class.  It was a “Reverse Windmill“.   You grab the pole with both hands and swing your legs up in a windmill, then as the drop back down you go into a spin.  My favorite variant was to hook one leg and then go into the “Backwards Showgirl“.  I know I have shown these same moves in my previous entries, but each time they seem slightly different – as we learn different connecting move and I explore which variants feel most natural.

Rainbow pose

Rainbow pose

Reverse windmill

Reverse windmill

Backwards Showgirl

Backwards Showgirl

The final move was the “Apprentice“.  I very much doubt Donald Trump could do this. The idea is fairly simple you hook one leg, and then lay out horizontally. At least I would if I just could just get the courage to let with my hand.


The Apprentice

From there you can place your hands on the ground and transition into a plank and slide down the pole. Candace looks great doing it.  She makes it look so easy.


Candace nails the Apprentice pose

Meanwhile I end up covered in bruises, mostly from slamming my arm against the pole during some over enthusiastic windmill spins. OUCH!! Actually, despite the pain, this was one of the best classes in a while. I will treat these as purple and black marks of honor. Thanks Candice.


War wounds are already appearing


2 thoughts on “New clothes, new spins, new bruises

  1. I treat my bruises as marks of honor as well! I’ve only been in Pole for about 10 weeks now.
    I did my first invert last night! (inverted V) and I almost squeeled with excitement =P
    My inner arm looks like your very last picture as well lol
    You explain the moves really well when you write!
    You mentioned that you had issues sticking in the first bit of your post, maybe you know about this already but you can use shaving cream to help you stick better! Use a mens shaving cream that has no lotions or moisturizers added. Put some on your hands and then rub it in on your arms/legs/feet until it’s no longer white. You stick like a champ!!
    Happy Poling!!

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