Thanks for a wonderful year

It is easy to forget about Christmas in California.   There is no snow, the days just get shorter and darker.  As an academic, the winter holidays are always full of deadlines for work, papers, and conferences.   All the stress can make me feel like a Grinch.  This is perhaps why this blog has been silent all month.

The solution is to make a conscious effort to go out and exercise. Even though I haven’t had time to write about it, I have been able to fit in some pole dancing.   I am now back at home with family again – taking a much needed break.    I went from one warm climate to another – Florida.   In addition to the reindeer scattered around front lawns, here we also have a more native animal – the plastic pink holiday flamingo.  One of our neighbors has an entire Christmas tree decked out in pink birds.

Pink Flamingo Christmas

I think Pink Flamingos can fly at least as well as Reindeer

This has been a great year. In the eight months since I started this blog, I have probably come out to more people than at any time before. This has resulted in many new friends and adventures – from pole dancing, to performing on stage, to hosting trivia quizzes. After the new year, I will hopefully have more time to write and there will be more back-dated entries as I catch up.  I am also amazed how many people still come to visit this blog, even when I was too busy. Thanks to everyone for their support.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Obligatory Christmas photo

Obligatory Christmas photo


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