Lobster Drag

So Maxilla Zillah has finally prompted me to get off my ass and start writing about that little ol’ drag show we did back in November.   In fact it wasn’t that little, there were probably a couple hundred people there.  But that would never intimidate Maxilla.    She had the fortune/misfortune of being on right up after opening catwalk.   So right after she did her walk half-naked she had about 10 seconds to make her first costume change.  On to of that, this was no simple evening gown she had to put on but full-on LOBSTER DRAG.   The show must go on, so she ran out there with the dress half on and with a lobster tail flying behind her.  I am not quite sure how high that dress was supposed to be as it kept changing throughout the song.  My friends in the front row got quite a view.   I should mention that they loved it!!  No matter what, she was wearing  attitude.  Luckily we have Animated GIFs to capture the moment (I am pretty sure this is what GIFs were invented for).

The lobster strut

The Lobster Strut

The Lobster Turn

The Lobster Turn

Squat dance

The Lobster Squat

Now all you need is the music. Luckily Maxilla pointed me to the songs on Youtube.  First she entered with the semi-educational “Slippery Fish (Octopus Song)”

before segueing into Azelia Banks’ “Venus”

Later in the show, Maxilla returned for another performance.  This time she was singing for real (not just lip-sync) while talking and joking with the audience.  I have to give major credit to anyone who sings live.  I am too self-conscious of how deep my voice is to do it myself. Maybe someday.

Now lets all sing:

Slippery fish, slippery fish .. sliding through the water .. slippery fish slipery fish . oop oop ooooh … oh no!!


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