Upside Down

So at the end of the last entry I left you upside down? What do you do then?  The two poses I have been working on are “Superman” and “Butterfly“.  Superman is where you grip the pole between your legs and fly.  It does look like the superhero but it definitely requires a little contortion to get into.  The way I was taught, you enter the pose from an inverted V with the legs apart, grab the pole above your leg with one hand, bring your legs together on the pole, then roll over face down. The hard part for me is getting my arm up and over the hooked leg.  I am just not that flexible. You also have to really commit to the leg grip. I know it is going to hurt but it will hurt more if I don’t go all the way. It helps to watch the videos on the Pole Dance Dictionary even as they make it look so easy.  Next up I will have to try the more direct entry without the invert shown on the right, just hook your leg and go.  Easy??

Hercules into Superman

Hercules into Superman



The “Butterfly” is a little easier.  Again there are two way to get into the pose. The first way is to do it starts with the basic invert, then hold the pole with your ankles, the grab the pole with one arm below you and one above, finally lean one leg back off the pole. The second leg is still hooked on but you are basically supporting yourself with your arms. In the Dictionary video below, the guy continues to lets go with his upper arm.  I can’t do that yet, and sometimes I don’t see how they manage to stay up.  The upper leg is really just balancing it so it must be all on his lower hand.  The other way to get into the move is from a sideways barbed wire pose.  This way your hands are already in place, but you still have to lift and hook your upper leg.


(the easy way)


Barbed Wire into Butterfly (the hard way)

Now you just need a good spinning song to dance to, how about a little Diana Ross?

Upside down you’re turning me
You’re giving love instinctively
Around and round you’re turning me
– Diana Ross


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