Getting Ready

A week is an awful long time to spend in Las Vegas – at least that what everyone tells me everytime I head off to Diva Las Vegas.    It doesn’t feel like that much – there are so many people to meet and talk to.  The key is not to just stay on the main strip and gamble.  If you are going to gamble head downtown to Freemont Street.  Go see a show, play golf, go see museums of neon art or even sex, go get married, then when you get tired get out of the city entirely and go for a hike in Red Rock Canyon.   At least that is my typical week.

What a week in Las Vegas does mean is lots and lots of clothes.  Vegas has many faces.  The family adventure face is mostly gone (do you really want to take your family to Circus Circus?), but you still have to account for both the day and night life.  By day, you need sensible jeans and a shirt to go shop and eat, then as the sun goes you need to change into a sexy clubbing dress in order to dance the night away.  Seven days means at least fourteen outfits plus extra accessories to mix and match. This is what my home looked like the night before my flight to Vegas.

It may be hard to believe but that isn’t my entire closet.  I made a conscious decision this year to just take sensible shoes, so nothing with a heel higher than 2 inches.  My fashion sense may scream, but at least my feet won’t.

It also looked even worse when I was unpacking in my hotel room.  This is the point in my post where I really wanted to link to Becky Envites‘s classic “Tranny and TV” web comic episode where the two title characters are swallowed by a rising tide of fashion accessories.  Unfortunately I just discovered that Tranny and TV is gone!!  Only a brief glimmer remains in the Internet web archive.  So you just have to trust me that it is the trans version of Tribbles.

These shoes are so cute, but they seem to be reproducing and taking over!!


My hotel room: Just replace the Tribbles with fabulous clothing and accessories


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