How to Ride a Unicorn

Usually when wearing feathers on your head, wings on your back, and standing 6’5 in heels you stand out from the crowd.  That is unless you are at the Myth Masque ball, where costumes are mandatory and wings come in every shape and size.  I was invited by my friend, Jay, who loves costumes and thus been trying to go to this event for years but had never been able to get tickets before.   I will never say no to a masquerade.  The party was at the Los Angeles Theater downtown, a beautiful baroque theater modeled after Versailles.   There are chandaliers, grand staircases, and multiple ballrooms in addition to the main theater itself.  It was the last major theater built downtown in the 30s before theaters started moving to Hollywood Blvd.  Hopefully it will get more attention as people start moving back downtown.

As I was running out of makeup, this was also a great excuse to head to the local MAC counter and get a makeover.  I chose one their limited-edition “Aquatic” eyeshadow called “Silver Sun”.   All the colors in this new series come in shiny aqua packages with faux water droplets with waves embossed into the shadow itself.  The MAC website describes it as having “midtone dirty seafoam green” which doesn’t quite do it justice.  I love matalic and silver shades, and I have blue eyes so I thought it might work with many different looks.  Today, they did a wonderful job using it as the base of a dramatic blue-green-silver smokey eye.

Back at home it was time to get dressed.  In the end, I didn’t wear a mask, just corset, feathers, wings, and lots of dangling jangling sparkles.  I did wonder for a moment whether it was possible to have too many accessories – that I should stop and take off the last piece of jewelry.  But as soon as I arrived at the ball, it became clear that you can never overdress.

I think the best part of the evening was the crowd-watching.  There were so many fabulous costumes with giant wings, hoop skirts, jackets with tails, horns, and countless custom headpieces shaped like glowing fish, dragons, and other mythical creatures.  I will have to start designing my own custom clothing/shoes again in order to keep up.  Unfortunately Myth Masque had lost its liquor license at the last minute, so the party spilled across the street to neighboring bar in a small French bistro.  While it may be hard to eat too much in a corset, we were immediately drawn to the bakery counter were we dined on delicious chocolate and apple tart deserts.  By the time we got back to the theater, people were up mingling with the performers on the main stage.   At the center of the stage was a life-size wooden unicorn hand carved by the Flying Scotsman.  They were offering rides, and doesn’t everyone want to ride a unicorn?  We got in line, but just as it our turn the next act was announced.   This worked out perfectly as we got to sit right on stage with an amazing view.  Who ever was running the audio system must of been asleep as the music never started on time, but that didn’t stop some lovely silk acrobats and ballet dancers from performing.  And when they were done we still got to ride the unicorn.


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