Club Jete

On Wednesday night, one of my pole dancing instructors, Candace Cane, was performing in Club Jete Variety Show in West Hollywood.  While I get to see her amazing moves all the time in class, I never made it out to see her out at a club so I had to go.

The show was at Club 11 on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  It was a good crowd.  I really liked the overall layout of the club as it gave everyone a good view.   Nearly every bar on the weho strip puts on shows, but often you are stuck behind an exclusive VIP section and if you don’t get there early you will never get close to the performers.   In this case, the main stage was right above the entrance, so you could also get a great view from anywhere on the dance floor or the surrounding balcony.

When I arrived my first thought was where’s the pole? Where are the drag queens?  Turns out that there’s no drag tonight, but the dancing was fantastic – a mixture of burlesque, street and modern dance. The show opened with a Xanadu inspired number with a girl on roller skates, a guy spinning above on the silks, and a troupe of half-naked dancers. Remember the grand-opening at the end of the movie where all the skaters are jumping round the ring, it was a lot like that. Just replace Olivia Newton John with Tiffany Billings and take off most of their clothes. There was enough flying glitter that they had to pause the show afterwards to sweep up.

If you haven’t seen this movie you should dial it up on Netflix right now, if only for Olivia, Gene Kelly, and the music of ELO.  Next up several other groups took turns dancing to Britney Spears’s “Work Bitch” and other club mixes.  About mid-way through, Candice brought out her portable x-pole to the middle of the dance floor.  She had her hair slicked back and crazy knee high boots.  Very soon she was climbing, spinning, upside down and every which way.  Most of the time she was moving too fast to get a good picture, but I caught a few of her poses below.

plus some closeup pictures from her Instagram:

Last night's performance at @clubjete inside @elevennightclub

A post shared by Candace Cane*Exotic Aerialist* (@sweetmscandace) on

Candice is so flexible and strong that most of the time I think she is making up her own transitions moving quickly from inverted leg hangs into various flags and splits. These were a few of the moves I was able to spot.

Bird pose
Bird Pose
Spinning Staddle
Spinning Staddle
Inside Leg Hang
Closed Inside Leg Hang
Bridged Outside Leg Hang
Bridged Outside Leg Hang

The guy next to me said she was the best pole dancer he’d ever seen, and it is hard to disagree.  Later, the show’s organizer Tiffany Billings came out for a chair dance, though this wasn’t your regular tease as the male dancer leapt, spun, and slid around the chair. Perhaps it should be called a ballet tease. For the final number dancers filled the stage and floor shaking and pulsing. The only thing missing was a dancing singing pole dancing aerial drag queen, but for that I may have to wait till next time.

ps. If you haven’t already, go support Candice as she travels to New York soon to compete in Pole Dancing Nationals:


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