Grand Opening

As sad as it was to watch a studio close, this weekend I got to see a new space open.  Secret Pole Dance Studio opened their new studio only a block south of their old location. The new studio is much nicer. It is about twice as big, with a dedicated dance floor in the back for all the non-pole classes (bedroom tease, twerking etc). The ceilings are much higher with exposed beams and a cool industrial aesthetic. This setup allows for much taller poles bolted directly into the beams.

The grand opening celebrations were on Saturday with classes all day. The special schedule had lots of short sampler classes in both rooms. I ended up taking four back-to-back classes: Pole Level 1/2 with Candace, Pole Level 1 with Diamond, Spinning Pole with Peppa, and Video Vixen with Lana. That was basically 3 straight hours of pole dancing!  I am not going to try and list every move that I worked on. Candace finally explained the “pretty climb” in a way I understood, you use you forearm to brace in front of you while you lift your legs. This extra support keeps you away from the pole while you do all kinds of extra stuff with you legs – split, shake, twerk – on your way up. I continued to refine my body spiral and fan kick. I am slowly getting used to spinning pole (no longer as dizzy) but still can’t quite wrap myself into the side sit. The last class was pretty basic but I was so exhausted I was struggling with simple fireman spins. So I went home for a quick shower before returning for the big opening party in the evening.

When I returned I was greeted by mass twerking (shown below).  Egypt was leading the party-goers in a quick dance lesson and everyone was laughing, bending, and popping all over the place. Next there was a raffle in support of Candace’s trip to Nationals (read about that HERE). This was also the first day that Secret Dance Studio has officially welcomed some men to the studio – with the restriction that they must be gay for the comfort of other female dancers. While I understand it, I think this last caveat opens up a big can of worms as to how you define gender identity vs sexual identity. Give the wide spectrum of possible genders and sexualities, it’s a little simplistic to put people in hard categories. Still the few men who showed up for the party had some crazy skills (and were a lot more flexible than me).

Several students had solo recitals. They were all extremely polished and graceful. One or two of the instructors gave me a hard time for not being out there performing myself, so I promised them I would have something ready for the next recital in October. I have more pictures, but nothing quite communicates the crazy sexual energy of the evening as an animated GIF.


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