The smallest pole in the world

After all these pole classes, it was time for me to get out in the real world.  So last Friday I drove down to Long Beach to compete in my first pole contest. The event was at the Executive Suite club, part of a new trans themed night hosted by Shelbe Chang.  Profits from the night went to support Shelbe’s new film “LGBT Love Stories” (she is also raising funds on Indigogo HERE).  The club itself reminded me of a smaller divier Hamburger Mary’s: loud but fun.  The drinks were reasonable, the bar tenders friendly, and by 11pm the club was pretty packed.  I wore a short black flared skirt and tied up striped shirt with lace down the pack.  The outfit was perfect for pole dancing, though my wife did not approve of me going out wearing jail-house stripper couture.

The contest started at midnight with two contestants going side by side as we free styled our best moves. The biggest challenge though was the super short pole.   There were several places where I had to duck to avoid hitting my head (I know I am 6’5 in heels but damn).  While that definitely adds to the bar’s charm, it means that up on the pole platform there wasn’t any space to climb, spin, or lay out. I mostly stuck to body rolls, smaller firefly and fireman spins, and some static flag and straddle poses. I ended my routine upside down doing my best attempt to dance on the low ceiling. In the end, there were a total of six contestants, including one guy. I was definitely impressed by the quality of the competition, particularly for a bunch of amateurs like us. For the final results, we were judged based on audience applause.  I was first in line (not sure if that helps) and came in a respectable second – not bad for my first time.  The winning girl had brought a large group of friends and coworkers, putting her at a distinct advantage.  Next time, I will be ready.  I will bring my own reinforcements and work on my floor routine for the smallest pole in the world.

p.s. Thanks to my friend Mindy More for letting me know about this contest.  Next time Mindy, you need to come and cheer me on 😉


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