Zed Septic!!!

Even though I met Zed back at USC, I only stumbled upon Zed’s Tumblr site recently and somehow forgot to give him a shout out.  Zed was one of the fantastic drag kings’s from last November’s “Drag to the Future” show at USC. He easily charmed the audience with his cornucopia of punk.  Zed describes himself as “Los Angeles’ one and only aggressively submissive, punk rock drag king!”  With his trusty sidekick, Herzl McBuff, he rocked a Rocky dance montage (Rocky the Boxer NOT the Horror Picture Show).  At some point all the training montages become a blur so I am not sure what Rocky movie he was referencing in particular (though you should visit the Rocky Morphology to graph how all the movies really are the same anyway).  Zed’s choreography came complete with fights, action, and lots of motivational dancing.  Together Zed and Herzl won the audience award for best performance.  It just show again that I can never win these audience applause votes.   Apparently he is still “AVAILABLE FOR LOOKIN GOOD, BASEMENT SHOWS, DRINKING ALL YOUR BEER”, in case you need any of that.  Now I will leave you with a few new never before-seen animated GIFs.

Then go follow Zed’s website (which you can now also find on my blog roll).

Zed Septic

p.s. I think it might be Rocky 4 with the Final Countdown: USA vs USSR, good vs bad, hot vs cold, sweat, snow, rock hard abs, lifting real rocks, chopping down trees, and even drug controversy. Everything you could want in a training montage.


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