I, Robot, am Fabulous

Time for another flashback to USC’s “Drag to the Future” show.  When I first heard the show’s theme I wondered what is Future Drag?  First of all you need robots, fabulous, robots. Our robot a.k.a Nebula 3000 was played by Glenn Andrew. The premise of the show was that the robot belonged to group of aliens (aka the Judges) but her moves were getting old. Therefore they need to gather new drag talent to upload to the robot brain.

Perhaps the only problem with this premise, is that Glenn is really good dancer / queen to begin with. This was her third year in the show, and she can out-bend, out-lip-sync, and out-pout many of us newbies.

Glenn’s opening number was “Fembot” by Swedish singer Robyn (official music video HERE).  Previously I had only heard of Robyn from her collaboration with Röyksopp (also on a robot themed song “The Girl and the Robot”).  Either way, I think this is song is perfect for a young sexy drag robot.  Glen then transitions into more risque booty bouncing “Work” by Iggy Azalea (official music video HERE).  I apologize for the audio on the video.  It was a great audience of at least 300 people and you can’t stop them from screaming.

Glenn also closed show with “Still Alive”, by the artificial intelligence GLaDOS  (actually Jonathan Coulton and Ellen McLai), a quiet little song about death, science, and cake.   This was the perfect tone as the end credits to Portal and for a drag show as well.

Next up I be posting video where I finally take the stage.


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