The Case of the Disappearing Crossdresser

Jessica Who

About a month ago, I noticed that Jessica Who was gone.   Who is Jessica Who?  She is (or was) a comedian and one of the more prominent blog/vloggers who also happens to be a straight crossdresser.  She was very honest about her gender identity, starting each entry with her catch phrase “Yea! I’m a dude”.  Her jokes often touched on how hard it was to balance two egos in one body.  She even appeared in mainstream media on VH1 series “I’m Married To …” where she appeared along with her supportive wife, and later documented how she came out to her mom (you can find clips of it here and here).  Now her blog, facebook, youtube, and twitter accounts are all gone.  Even her personal facebook page for her male persona is gone too.  The only things left are her video game reviews and they haven’t been updated recently.

One of the basic axioms of the Internet is that once you post something it never goes away, particularly anything we dislike.  Yet it is not that strange for bloggers to come and go. Sometimes bloggers lose interest as they get married, have kids – and other things take over.  But there tend to be warning signs as posts become scarce.  In this case, Jessica had just moved to LA to pursue her comedy career looking for bigger, better, brighter things.   The last post on her blog was about SNL.  In the trans community, so much of our identities can be tied up in our online personae where you can be free to be whoever you want to be.  So why disappear now? It feels like an unfinished mystery novel.

One online theory seems to be that another Jessica Who, a young upcoming DJ from Miami didn’t like the competition for the name.  Perhaps she purged?  Perhaps she just wanted some peace and privacy.  Jessica, if you are out there?  Let us know you are ok.

Also see:

Jessica Who’s article on why she blogs

Jessica Who being interviewed on Transition Radio

I am removing Jessica from my blogroll, but I really really hope she’ll be back.



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