Labyrinth of Jareth

eyes after the ball

Last Saturday, Jay got me tickets to the Labyrinth of Jareth. Who’s Jareth? He’s the fantastic villain from that great Muppet-filled fantasy from 1986, he’s the King of the Goblins, he’s David Bowie. So we didn’t have Bowie himself, but there quite a few people who looked like him. Costumes were mandatory so I got another chance to break out out crazy feathers and corsets. One of my favorite activities is still people watching particularly with so many fabulous outfits. I spotted a few people and costumes from the Myth Masquerade (more about that HERE) including sea dragon lady. If you are going to spend that much time assembling a costume you will want to get the most out of it. I almost wore the same outfit again, though at least I switched out my corset (blue instead of white). This year, the most common costume though was Meleficent, I counted at least nine sets of curvy horns. There was even one male Maleficent (a male-ficent?) who was showing by far the most skin. There were two ladies who spun around in giant hoop skirts – not practical for weaving through crowds but looked amazing. There was a tribe of masked bandits sneaking round corners and even hiding under the hoop skirts.

It did take me a few moments to make the connection to the “Labyrinth” movie, but there was a man dressed as Sir Didymus riding Ambrosia (this GUY) and the Junk Lady (this GAL) and a gang of goblins. Turns out all the goblins wanted was a little resptect.

The entire masquerade was in the historic Park Plaza hotel by MacArthur Park. Multiple stages were setup in the ballrooms and just upside. Upstairs an elf choir was singing, then a woman came along with a bag of swords. All the gentlemen and ladies (including me) proceeded to fight and dance, charging and retreating to the tune of a solo tuba on stage. Heading outside, Jay convinced me to try hookah for the first time at one of the tents.   In the market, we picked up fans and masks.  When heading to a dance, you always should take a fan as you will get hot.

Overall the evening was less of a circus with fewer high-flying acts than the Myth Ball. On the other hand it was more with friendly atmosphere of an anime convention or renaissance fair. There was at least one marriage proposal, lots of dancing, and an army of goblins, elves, and fairies. What more would you want? Well, now I just need a find a way to get up on stage again.


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